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A guide to the best home coffee bean grinder

What’s the best home coffee bean grinder?

We’re often asked how to make better coffee at home, without splashing out hundreds of pounds on professional equipment.

The one piece of advice we start with is this: if you’re going to invest in any home brewing coffee equipment, spend your money on a good quality coffee bean grinder.

Grinding your own beans is how you’re going to boost the flavour and freshness of your morning brew the most. Once ground, coffee beans gradually lose flavour. When buying ground coffee, modern packaging preserves most of the flavour, but it doesn’t compare to freshly ground beans.

The best home coffee bean grinder – our recommendations

We could write a long list going through all the major brands of bean grinders and their pros and cons. But that leaves the hard work to you, doesn’t it? We’ve picked our top choices instead.

Here are our best home coffee bean grinders:


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Electric coffee bean grinder

The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

It’s lauded as the entry level electric grinder and it’s not hard to see why. You can adjust the grind in small increments to make sure that the coffee is perfect for whatever method you are using to brew. It provides fantastic consistency, to ensure your coffee tastes great all the time.

It’s pricier than your top search results on Google, but for good reason. It’s professional standard precision but made for the home. You’re buying quality and from a reputable manufacturer, meaning you’ll get the longevity and it will be repairable should you run into difficulties.


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Hand coffee bean grinder

Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

Hand grinding your coffee beans might be a bit laborious, but we’d like to think of it as a labour of love. The smell alone is enough to persuade you to get grinding each morning.

Hario does a great range of hand bean grinders at different prices. The Hario Skerton is a favourite amongst the coffee community and allows you to grind your beans to the required consistency. There are also slim and travel sized grinders for travelling (remember holidays, anyone?)

So, there you have it, the best home coffee bean grinders as picked by us

There are plenty of options out there, but in our experience as baristas and daily coffee drinkers, these two are solid choices. For flavour, quality, and ease of use, you can’t go wrong.

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29 June 2020 - The Barista


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