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Autumn – the season to indulge in hot drinks

Our mildly sunny, mid-teens temperature sort of summer is once again well and truly over – it’s autumn.

Here at The Barista, we know autumn has officially started when two things happen. Firstly people start to make involuntary chilly noises when we hand them their drink, and secondly people say things like “ooh, that’s better”. And guess what? It’s started.

Us Brits are well used to a mediocre summer, which is why our love for hot beverages is certainly a year round thing, but let’s be honest, come June we make an effort to enjoy a Calippo as well as a cappuccino or a lemonade as well as a latte – cue the pasty legs and t-shirt tans.

Although hot drinks will always have a place in our daily routines – especially at work events, there’s something just that little bit more special about grabbing a cuppa once autumn rolls around, and that’s why these two seasonal cues of ours are always a fool proof sign.

The trade show shift

Whilst our mobile coffee bars are a massive hit all year round at trade shows and events, customers seem to really appreciate a free warming drink once the weather takes a turn for the worse.

It’s a shift we encourage of course, not just because it means we get more bookings, but because we love coffee and the atmosphere it creates. We passionately believe that as the weather turns colder, there really is no better way to entice visitors to your stand, or keep them happy at an event, than to offer them a complimentary, high-quality hot drink to enjoy.

So here we are, warning you that it has officially started – the chilly noises, the cold on-the-spot dances, the nostalgic coffee loving phrases and the rosy cheeks that follow.

Autumn is here, so give your guests the welcome they didn’t even realise they were longing for.

Why not Talk to us about your next event and find how we can help you increase footfall to your stand?

7 October 2015 - The Barista


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