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The Best Networking Happens Over Coffee

There’s something quite special about a simple cup of coffee. It’s an elixir; it makes us feel good. Whether it’s the immediate warmth, the absorbing and familiar smell or the caffeine injection, it resonates with us and has a divine effect on our behaviour. However unlike most of our other favourites (think chocolate and pizza) we enjoy sharing a coffee with others.

We like to talk whilst having a latte; it comes naturally to us, which means the coffee break is rarely a ‘break’. We chat about work, we take time to think and I’m sure research would suggest that some of the world’s most important decisions have been made over a cup of coffee (it’s probably a fact).

So, it’s no wonder that having coffee on an exhibition stand not only draws in the crowds like moths to a flame, but it keeps them around your stand longer. You become the friend across the coffee table, chatting business over a cup of the good stuff – far more relaxing than one of those ‘hand in pocket’ exhibition sales pitches.

Much like a pint at your local pub, drinking coffee is a sociable activity and it creates a sense of community amongst those taking part. So, why would you want to leave a stand that has been so benevolent and given you a free cappuccino?

The fact is coffee makes us happy. So it’s no surprise that we’re much more approachable once we’ve taken that first sip. That’s why so many business meetings take place over a cup, or we ‘go for coffee’ the first time we meet someone, it stimulates discussion, occupies our hands and helps us interact with others. You could say the best networking happens over a cup of coffee.

At The Barista we believe this to be true. We think that serving coffee at an event helps to not only generate interest in your stand or product, but gives you an ice breaker and a reason for potential customers to hang around just that little bit longer – long enough for you to deliver a very relaxed sales pitch anyway!

Want to talk to us about your next event? Email us at info@thebarista.co.uk or fill in our contact form and let us start the conversation for you.


17 December 2014 - The Barista


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