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The coffee trends that will be big in 2020

Coffee trends for 2020 – what to look out for 

The coffee industry is always changing, as coffee roasters and baristas look for new and different ways to become more sustainable and cater for their customers.

In the UK, we drink around 95 million cups of coffee per day. The good news for coffee lovers is that there are always new things to try, be that brewing methods, beans, gadgets or recipes.

Read on for some of the trends worth looking out for in 2020…

Milk alternatives are here to stay

More and more people are opting for cow’s milk alternatives in their coffee, be this for environmental, health or ethical reasons. Lots of people simply prefer the flavour!

This is unsurprising, as oat, almond and soy milk taste delicious in coffee. Around 10% of the drinks we serve are ordered with a milk alternative and this figure is set to grow in 2020. 


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We’re making the switch from Soy to Oat for our alternative milk option on events so we’ve been testing out @minorfigures. Tasty and steams well, it’s a winner for us!

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What’s the best milk alternative for coffee? Read this article to find out our first choice.

Reusable coffee cups with recycling icons in coffee foam

The demand for sustainable packaging will increase

With the climate crisis ever-present and people aiming to reduce waste, how coffee is served will be a continuing theme for 2020. More customers are equipping themselves with reusable cups and coffee providers are switching to compostable materials.

It’s more common to make stirrers, lids and straws optional and lots of businesses are bypassing plastic and non-recyclable cups completely. It’s our hope that the combined efforts of businesses and customers will see sustainable practices become more mainstream in 2020.

Take a look at the changes we’ve made to make our coffee services more sustainable.


The ‘coffee experience’ will be ever-popular

The experience economy is continuing to grow, with many people spending their hard-earned cash on experiences and quality time with loved ones, rather than material goods. In fact, 78% of millennials would rather spend on experiences than things.

The coffee industry has tapped into this, offering all kinds of experiences for coffee lovers, from tours and roasting courses, to workshops on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

An appreciation of better coffee and café culture has made its way into our working lives too. In an article from last year, we talked about the growing demand for barista coffee in the workplace.

In 2020, this trend for coffee as an experience – or even a hobby – will continue. The younger generation has shown an appetite for quality coffee, both out-and-about and at home, with millennials buying the most ground coffee. It’s a positive shift that’s only set to continue.


Roasters and baristas are making coffee a more personal experience

We’re used to seeing large coffee menus and most people have their go-to coffee order. In light of this, coffee brands are introducing new ways for people to personalise their daily coffee.

Ideas, such as coffee subscriptions are allowing people to taste-test their favourite beans and blends, while helping people shop for coffee more sustainably at the same time.

In cafés and on coffee stands, there’s exciting new technology that takes coffee art one step further. The coffee printer is a machine that prints images, text and logos to coffee foam. It’s already gone down a storm at the events we’ve used it at and we predict it will be a firm favourite this year.


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Come and find us in Coles Express. The perfect pick me up for when you’re out on the road 🚙

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We’ll see more canned coffee for drinking on the go

The growing popularity of cold brew coffee in the UK has led to an influx of canned coffee drinks in high street shops and supermarkets. Iced coffees, cold brew and nitro coffees (coffee that has been infused with nitrogen in a keg, a bit like Guinness) are likely to stay popular this year.

These drinks are designed to be enjoyed on the go and because of this convenience, there’s a mixed bag when it comes to quality and flavour. Many mass-produced coffee drinks are full of sugar and additives, taking away from the organic flavour of the beans.

That being said, there’s plenty to try and it really comes down to personal preference. There’s a whole array of different options to try when it comes to cold coffee. Nitro and cold brew are excellent places to start. 

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17 January 2020 - The Barista


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