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Is this clever trick the next big exhibition branding idea?

Are you on the hunt for exhibition branding ideas for your next event?

Well, we’ve got one for you… digitally printed coffee art.

No, really, it’s a thing!

And we’ve just invested in a pretty exciting new piece of equipment to help us do it. Introducing… the Ripple Maker!

Pull in the crowds with this show-stopping (and tasty) trick

The Ripples printer can personalise coffees with images and text – in just 10 seconds. It works by receiving high quality images and graphics sent via a phone or tablet, then ‘printing’ the design to the surface of the coffee.

It all happens in seconds, so the coffee is still hot. The design is made of tiny coffee bean drops, meaning the natural quality and flavour of your coffee is enhanced, not disturbed. As machines go, it’s pretty cool.


Branding on everyone’s lips

The Ripples printer is the ideal exhibition branding tool because it allows you to create something really memorable and sharable. Let’s face it, a personalised coffee is pretty photo-worthy, so is going to encourage visitors and attendees to share your business’s branding on social media.

It’s also relatively low carbon footprint – especially given our coffees are served in bio-degradable cups. Opting for a coffee service including the Ripple Maker means you can banish plastic branded merchandise in favour of something tasty and memorable, that people actually want.


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The on-stand activity everyone will be talking about

Because your coffee is basically a blank canvas, there’s no limit to what you could display. For instance, you could print your logo, website, product name or photos. It could even become an attraction on stand, taking visitors’ photos and printing them on their coffees!

That’s a photo-op not to be missed!

We’ve been having a play around with it ourselves in the office:


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Whether you’re using the Ripples printer to share your logo or corporate messaging, or you’re simply having fun with it, it’s a guaranteed way to get your brand remembered. We’re pretty excited to take it out on the road with us!

Do you fancy injecting a bit of fun into your next exhibition stand? Talk to us about having the Ripples printer during your next coffee service by emailing hello@thebarista.co.uk or calling 0845 257 5900.

We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, where you can follow us for plenty of coffee-related updates and pictures.


26 June 2019 - The Barista


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