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Getting the most from trade shows and exhibitions

With so much going on and heaps of competition, industry events can be a real headache. But having The Barista on your stand is a breath of fresh air.

Here’s how we can help you get the best out of exhibitions and trade shows.

Increase footfall by offering people something they actually want

From biros to baseball caps – exhibitions and trade shows are packed with branded merchandise. And aside from the occasional gem, most freebies aren’t going to make it past the bins at the front entrance.

So, why not offer people something they can’t refuse? Whether it’s a delicious cappuccino after a long morning of conference sessions, or a freshly blended juice at a stifling summer show, good old fashioned refreshment is going to win every time.

Engage prospects in conversation

One of the best things about serving coffees on your stand is that they take a few moments to prepare, meaning people can’t just grab and run! Our baristas are a friendly bunch, and love nothing more than to chat to your customers.

As well as putting your prospects at ease, our exceptional service gets the conversation going – providing your sales team with the opportune moment to step in and talk business.

Surprise them with quality – and get noticed for it

Our coffee is the real deal. Made freshly using our signature blend, it’s infinitely better than anything you are going to get from the conference vending machine. Serve up something genuinely delicious which reflects the quality of your brand, and people will remember you for all the right reasons. And after a long and tiring day – you might even make them smile!

Our outstanding service at trade shows and exhibitions is what makes our clients book us time after time. Find out how we could add to your next event, and get in touch with the team.

5 July 2016 - The Barista


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