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How fresh juices can transform your event

At The Barista, we’re passionate coffee lovers – the clue is in our name. But, we know that sometimes there’s nothing like an ice-cold smoothie or a zingy, freshly-made juice to perk up your guests. That’s why alongside our mobile coffee services, we also offer the option to serve up freshness with a fully-serviced smoothie and juice bar.

If you’re ready to make a refreshing statement at your next event, here’s how introducing fresh juices to your stand can help you stand out at conferences, exhibitions, product launches and more.

How juices help you stand out

Tap into health benefits

Juices and smoothies are an enticing and healthy option for your event, perfect for appealing to a health-conscious crowd. Fresh juices are packed with fruit and vegetables, making them a great way to get in one of your five a day – as well as immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Smoothies are also loaded with healthy fruits, veggies and nutrients. Ours are blended with frozen fruit with no additional ice, which means they’re filled with rich and fruity flavour.

Pouring out a smoothie at a conference smoothie bar

Engage your guests

Juices and smoothies offer a fantastic energy boost. Events are tiring, and there’s often not a great deal of options for food and drink, so a juice bar gives your guests the opportunity to pause and revitalise. Tempting guests to your stand by offering juices and smoothies is the perfect chance to engage them with your products or services. They have time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the event and let the conversation flow naturally.

Our servers are a friendly lot who love nothing more than chatting with and engaging your guests. When your prospects are put at ease, there’s no better time to step in and talk business.

Boost your brand presence

A juice bar adds a bit of extra excitement and creates an undeniable buzz around your stand. At an event where there are a lot of vendors for attendees to choose from, it’s understandable that businesses are always looking for ways to stand out.

Juices and smoothies help you stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different. They’re a great alternative (or addition) to hot drinks, especially in the summer months and will help people naturally flock to your stand – particularly when word spreads that you’re the stand offering zesty refreshments!

Our fresh drinks also allow you to get creative. You could create custom juice or smoothie blends and name them after your products or services – a simple but fun way to engage your guests and get them curious to find out more.

Share your branding

At any event, you want your branding to get you noticed. An eye-catching stand is a must if you want to grab attention, but going that step further with extra branding is a great way to effortlessly raise brand awareness.

When you book The Barista for your event, we offer a comprehensive range of fun extras that are sure to get people talking. Serving your drinks in branded cups is perfect for spreading your message throughout the venue, letting everyone know exactly which stand to head to for a refreshing juice break. We also offer branded clothing, napkins, bar units and even cupcakes – so you’re sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

If you want to stand out at your next conference or event with fresh juices and smoothies, let’s talk. Visit our mobile juice bar page to find out more, or get in touch for a chat to find out how we can help you.

1 February 2023 - jbc_admin


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