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Mobile coffee bars: behind the scenes

If you’re considering one of our mobile coffee bars for your next event, but you’d like to know a bit more about how it all works, then get comfy and read on. This is a behind the scenes look at how we prepare, execute and close each event we do.

The day before

With an event just 24 hours away, we have a full briefing with the operations manager who will run through everything the client wants and needs from us, we ask questions, we brainstorm ideas and we leave no stone unturned. We conduct a comprehensive check of the equipment we’re taking, the stock of drinks that we’ll need and any additional branding that is required.

Satisfied that everything is present and correct, fully tested and cleaned – we hit the road.

En route in the van, we talk over the client’s business once again, their marketplace, products and services as well as customer expectations so that we’re comfortable with the company we’ll be keeping during the event. Seriously – what did we do before mobile internet? This is an important part of our service and is something that puts us a cut above the rest.

Upon arrival at the venue, we will greet the clients and explain our set-up procedure making sure they are totally happy with our plans. We set up and conduct another check of the equipment.


The evening before

We travel a lot. Exploring different cities, finding somewhere to eat, seeing old friends and making new ones is great, but more often than not the lure of a comfy hotel bed is just what the doctor ordered – so it’s a nice early night for us (once we’ve eaten the complimentary biscuits of course)!

The big event

The excitement of an event never seems to wane, with each one just as exhilarating as the last. We work hard to deliver the service to our exacting standards, from the first cup to the very last, engaging with the client and their guests as they enjoy their drinks.

We continually liaise with the client throughout the event to ensure that everything is to their satisfaction, going above and beyond to make sure our presence at their event is exactly what they wanted and more. We’re always in touch with HQ too, so they are fully aware of how the event is unfolding.


Once the event has drawn to a close, we clean down and pack away the equipment, being mindful of what other activity is happening around us. After giving our thanks to the client and asking for any initial feedback, we’re homeward bound once again. Although we’re tired, there’s always a real buzz in the van on the way back.

After the event

Back at HQ, we unpack, and test all of the equipment to make sure it is ready for the next trip. Then the Barista in charge of the event will complete a comprehensive debrief about the day, the client, the venue and the equipment which completes the process.


After each event, we spend time focusing on ways to improve our service, according to the needs of each client, each venue and which pieces of equipment we were using. This is how we constantly exceed expectations, and it’s a process we are very proud of.

If you want any more information about our mobile coffee bars, get in touch on 0845 257 5900.

3 August 2015 - The Barista


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