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2017: Our mobile coffee highlights

It’s been another jam-packed year for The Barista team. We’ve had new team members, new challenges and plenty of new events to attend across Europe.

While we’ve been busy roasting, serving and drinking a constant supply of coffee, we’ve also had a blast along the way! Here are some of our lovely team (Tom, Ham and Julie) chatting about their highlights from the past year.


Tell us about your 2017 highlights

Ham: How much we’ve developed on last year has been a huge highlight. We’ve done so many more events but it has felt easier than ever due to our highly organised delivery process. Also, for me, sponsoring and talking at The ESSA in The Rough Golf Day at the Belfry was a personal highlight as I just enjoyed it so much!

Julie: Having so many busy events where we’re serving lots of drinks has been great. Also working with so many great people across the year; both our own team and our growing network of freelancers. They’ve really helped us smash a big year.

Tom: I’ve enjoyed the work overall, plus seeing the sights and soaking up some very varied culture. As it is my first year at The Barista, the job in general for me has been fantastic. I’ve had the chance to work with lovely clients, serving coffees, whilst having the freedom to take on new challenges and solve problems along the way.


Have there been any particularly memorable events?

Ham: As the Operations Manager, having 11 clients at BIBA was a big job for me. The preparation and delivery were hugely enjoyable and went without a hitch. It was great to have so many of our team involved in one project and there was a real buzz surrounding the whole event. The top-class results and client satisfaction was just the icing on the cake!

Julie: There are too many, I just can’t pick!

Tom: One of the events for Samsung was a good one for me, partly because I am a fan of the tech side of things. It was great to work within an industry I am really interested in whilst putting in a good performance with our team – best of both!


What’s been your biggest achievement of this year?

Ham: A specific achievement would have to be BIBA again; just the sheer scale of our delivery and how well it went from start to finish. I am proud of that one. On the whole, very similarly, it’s just the number of events we’ve delivered over the year and some of the record-breaking months that ran amazingly well!

Julie: Learning how to roast coffee. It’s a great new skill and has been so interesting learning how the process works from start to finish.

Tom: A client requested that we serve some of their home roasted coffee at their event. We used a second grinder and served both theirs and our Northern Espresso. It was a real test of my skills serving coffee that I’d never tried or worked with before, but we managed to showcase it and get it spot on. This was particularly rewarding as the client had put so much time into the product and I had just a small amount of beans to work with.


Find out a little bit more about The Barista over on our team page.

Want our lovely team at your next event? Get in touch with us via email or give us a call on 0845 257 5900.


13 December 2017 - The Barista


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