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Teaming up with stand builders to create show-stopping stands

Exhibitions are hard work; early starts, long days and a constant stream of delegates to engage. For stand builders, we know the day begins even earlier and ends much later.

Our days are just as long – which is why when we work with stand builders, we work tirelessly to help ensure a seamless and efficient hand over to your client.

Serving up the highest quality coffee throughout the day, you’ll help your client outshine the competition. Our coffee bars offer a proven way to deliver increased footfall to your stand, generate valuable leads for your client, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Not only exceptional coffee makers, our baristas deliver a friendly and first-class service, making them easy to work with and valuable assets on the stand. As well as ensuring everything is run efficiently, they provide a warm welcome to visitors throughout the day.

With a huge range of hot and cold drinks on offer, as well as snacks and extras, we cater to every brief. The opportunity to add custom branding to the coffee stand, the cups and even the baristas means you can offer your client a cohesive design which truly showcases their brand.

We’re passionate about completing successful, stand-out events. The buzz generated by our coffee really brings your stand to life, and helps to realise the vision you set out to achieve alongside your client.

Are you an ESSA member? The Barista team are heading to the In The Rough Golf Day event on 14th of July.

We’re looking forward to meeting up with some of our fellow events professionals and sharing what we do. We don’t claim to be experts when it comes to golf so will be sticking to what we do best – serving great coffee. Catch us in the bar for a morning coffee, or stop by and see us over on tee 5.

Want to know more about how we work with stand builders? Get in touch for more information.

20 May 2016 - The Barista


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