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The conversation starter without regional boundaries

We’ve been working at trade shows and events for years now, and time and time again we see brands going above and beyond to tap into regional cultures and preferences to give their stand the wow factor.

Whether it’s complimentary cream teas in the south or a splash of on-stand tartan in the north, it seems like everyone is desperately trying to fit in with their event location.

In all honesty we think it’s a bit much. A bit gimmicky. And I bet some of those flash ideas can get pretty costly too, right? So what’s the alternative?


Coffee (and other warming beverages) know no regional boundaries and forgo the geographical stereotypes in favour of good old fashioned relaxation, conversation and style. It’s a little breather in what is all too often a hectic day of expo exploring. No gimmicks, no fuss – just coffee as good as you are.

Dazzling your potential customers with over the top showy extras says “Look how hard we’re trying!” But offering them a free cuppa, be it one of our own blend coffees, a tea of their choosing or a moreish hot chocolate, says “We’re confident, relaxed and very human”. Which message do you prefer?

Getting a mobile coffee bar on your next expo stand or at your up and coming event couldn’t be easier, just call us. You’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the entire planning, execution and debrief process, we’ll brand ourselves in your colours, learn about your business so we can talk to your customers and most importantly, we will deliver an experience that will keep you front of mind when they’re on the train home.

So go on, ditch the Irish dancers, the pearly queens and the bag pipes and go for coffee. Delicious coffee. Coffee as good as you are.

For more information call 0845 257 5900 or email us at info@thebarista.co.uk.

24 June 2015 - The Barista


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