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What we missed about real life events

What we missed about real life events

To say the past 18 months have been strange for us would be an understatement. Almost overnight, our industry shut down. The large events across Europe that we had spent nearly a decade attending simply ceased to exist. We had an empty calendar and a whole load of coffee beans.

In the months that followed the first lockdown we did what plenty of others did. We baked, we Zoomed, we lived in our pyjamas. We caught up over social media, drinking coffees from the safety of our own homes. We spent much-deserved time at home with our families.

But through it all, we desperately missed our events. The buzz of a crowded exhibition hall, the chatter of thousands of busy people, the thrill of serving hundreds of coffees in a matter of hours. For our team, staying at home was a huge departure from what we do best.

Then came Freedom Day™ and with it the chance to start serving coffee again. Our bookings started coming in and we were out and about. It’s been a long, long wait, but we are back!

And it feels so good.

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To celebrate a few months back on the road, we got together as a team and chatted about what we’ve missed about working at The Barista and serving our customers.

What have you missed?

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Morning coffee with the team. It’s been a ritual since the start and isn’t the same over Zoom. Oh, and Friday beers is included in that too!



I’ve missed the pressure of delivering multiple events during our busy periods. It can get hectic but it’s rewarding to see everything run to plan. Knocking out records and setting new Team TB PBs is what we do best. It’s been great to get back to Coffee Club with the team. Getting everyone together after events for a big catch up is always a highlight of the job.

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The satisfaction when it’s a really busy week but you know exactly what is going on because everything is organised. That’s a great feeling. I’ve missed seeing familiar faces and it’s been so nice to catch up and meet people at events. I’d also have to admit I missed sneaking handfuls of Callebaut hot chocolate callets when no one’s looking. They are too good.

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Getting feedback from happy customers after the completed event service. You can’t beat hearing about a job well done. It’s been lovely to catch up with regular clients and get back to events we’ve done before. I’ve missed meeting and talking to new people, and it’s great to start thinking about new events around the corner.

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Everyone agreed how much they’d missed getting around the UK and experiencing different cities. Trying out the cafes and restaurants on expenses is always a bonus!

The whole country has missed getting out and about and it’s been evident at the events we’ve worked. It’s lovely to see people happy to be spending time with family, friends, and colleagues. Particularly when they’re enjoying our delicious coffee at the same time.


Anything you haven’t missed?

Everyone agreed they have survived without Matt’s waffle. Julie and Elsie certainly haven’t missed the football and Fantasy Premier League chat. Hamish hasn’t missed the dreaded two-word text from someone at an event… “power’s wrong” and no one’s missed leaving London in 6pm traffic.

Despite the odd traffic jam, it has been a joy and a pleasure getting back out to events these past months. We don’t know what the next year has in store, but we hope very much for events to continue. If you have events coming up that could do with a caffeine boost, get in touch.

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7 September 2021 - The Barista


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